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Sophie Turner’s old “Game of Thrones”-themed tattoo garnered headlines during the final season of HBO’s epic fantasy drama for actually teasing how the show ended.

But it was another one of the 23-year-old “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” actor’s inkings that got late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien talking this week.


O’Brien noted Wednesday how some people thought the outline of a rabbit tat on the back of Turner’s right arm looked more like “two bunnies going at it.”

“Bunnies fornicating,” he expanded.

Turner, who played Sansa Stark in “Thrones,” said she didn’t see it.

“Who else thinks it looks like bunnies fucking?” she asked the audience, some of whom sided with O’Brien.

“Well, I’m not mad about it,” concluded Turner. “I quite like it.”

Check out the interview here:

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Lee Moran - Reporter, HuffPost

Lee Moran

Reporter, HuffPost

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